The PodKast Family

Here’s a few of the content creators who have chosen as their subscription platform to host their unique and engaging content. Our Podcasters are already realizing the growth potential of using PodKast to engage with their audiences and get rewarded for their hard work.

Inside The Music

“The Inside The Music brand has such a deep connection to the music industry, and while we absolutely love sharing some of the never-before-told stories that shaped the music industry, Podkast is going to give us the ability to really push the boundaries with the depth we can go in some of our exclusive and paid content stories.” – Spencer Proffer

We were looking for a complete PodKast solution, as this was the first year in the 54 year history of the Montreux Jazz Festival that we couldn’t host the event live.  Thankfully our producer found PodKast.  It’s been a really brilliant relationship.

The Montreux Jazz Festival takes place for two weeks every summer in Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva. Created in 1967 by Claude Nobs, the Montreux Jazz Festival has become over the years an essential event, generating fantastic stories and legendary performances.


Montreux Jazz Festival

Lacala Vision

Mr. Robin Luo is an adjunct professor at Davis College. Mr. Lou is a successful financial investor and social activist. He is also a KOL in more than 10 social media platforms in China and Asia Pacific. With a vision and passion, he’s now bringing multi-perspective & multi-dimension interviews with distinguished celebrities in English, Mandarin and Cantonese to


Dr Michael Roizen’s “RealAge” test and App is now on 80m phones.  As Chair of Wellness at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Michael Roizen is one of the most respected names in Health in the world.  Dr. Michael Roizen and friends bring a wealth of highly sought after information exclusively to PodKast. 

Dr. Roizen has written four New York Times’ #1 Best Sellers and a total of nine  #1 Books with Dr Oz. 

Dr. Roizen Joins Podkast as an Anchor for Healthy Living, and offer’s listeners his latest project, “Reboot: With Dr. Michael Roizen”, available exclusively on

Dr. Mike Roizen

The Metta Factor

Metta Sandiford-Artest, the “Man” the “Myth” the “Legend” exclusively joins, “PodKast”. Metta  is an NBA All-Star who won a World Championship with the Los Angles Lakers and his passion for the game of Basketball hasn’t diminished! Expect the unexpected on every episode as he brings his unique and unfiltered perspective on life, music, business, basketball and whatever else is on his mind. There is never a dull moment so sit back, relax and enjoy the “Metta Factor.”

Kid Carson

“The idea that I can now begin making a bit of extra money for some of the longer form content I’ve been working on has been mind-blowing. Not only do I feel like I can build a stronger relationship with my following by offering some exclusive content, but I get to make a bit extra too. 

Since joining, I’ve experienced more growth, and more engagement across my social channels than I ever have. It’s honestly a no brainer.. Sign up ASAP!!!!”

Kids podcast , presented in his own witty style