Reboot with Dr. Mike Roizen

Reboot with Dr. Mike Roizen

Dr Michael Roizen’s “RealAge” test and App is now on 80m phones.  As Chair of Wellness at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Michael Roizen is one of the most respected names in Health in the world.  Dr. Michael Roizen and friends bring a wealth of highly sought after information exclusively to PodKast.

Dr. Roizen has written four New York Times’ #1 Best Sellers and a total of nine  #1 Books with Dr Oz.

Dr. Roizen Joins Podkast as an Anchor for Healthy Living, and offer’s listeners his latest project, “Reboot: With Dr. Michael Roizen”, available exclusively on

For a Limited time, PodKast is offering free access to the Reboot With Dr. Mike Roizen Show.  Dive into the content that will help you live a healthier life now!

Reboot with Dr. Michael Roizen