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You’ll now have the ability to offer your audience access to all the additional content and ideas you’ve had brewing, but you can rest easy knowing your not handing it over for free!

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The creation of your pay-to-access content can be a powerful tool to help grow an extremely loyal following, to which you can bring along on your journey as you grow in the podcast space.

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Our platform provides you with a pay-to-access content library of your own premium content. Giving you the ability to leverage your current podcasts following, and give you an accretive and additional revenue stream for your following, by charging a monthly fee to gain access to your exclusive, premium content.

We offer extremely fast setup, and promise to deliver you a subscription based, money making machine you can use to grow your loyal audience and continue to establish your brand in the quickly evolving podcast market.

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Featured Podcasters

Reboot with Dr. Michael Roizen

Dr Michael Roizen’s “RealAge “test and App is now on 80m phones.  As Chair of Wellness at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Michael Roizen is one of the most respected names in Health in the world.  Dr. Michael Roizen and friends bring a wealth of highly sought after information exclusively to PodKast.

Montreux Jazz Festival

he Montreux Jazz Festival takes place for two weeks every summer in Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva. Created in 1967 by Claude Nobs, the Montreux Jazz Festival has become over the years an essential event, generating fantastic stories and legendary performances.

The Metta Factor

Metta Sandiford-Artest, the “Man” the “Myth” the “Legend” exclusively joins, “PodKast”. Metta is an NBA All-Star who won a World Championship with the Los Angles Lakers and his passion for the game of Basketball hasn’t diminished! Expect the unexpected on every episode as he brings his unique and unfiltered perspective on life, music, business, basketball and whatever else is on his mind. There is never a dull moment so sit back, relax and enjoy the “Metta Factor.”

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